Using punti

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There are 5 steps in using punti:

  1. Download and install the app (iPhone only)
  2. Add your kids
  3. Create some common tasks and chores and assign them a number of points
  4. Create some rewards and assign them some points
  5. Start using punti every day!

Once you have all these tasks and rewards, just add points to your kids by tapping on the task they have just completed.

Then, when kids complete the points required to redeem a reward, tap on that reward from their list to redeem the points!

Anatomy of

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On punti's main screen you'll find:

  • The plus button allows you to quickly add a kid
  • Tiles have 'quick entry' plus and minus buttons for easily adding :) or subtracting :( points
  • The three-line button (top left) has the menu with a bunch of very interesting options
  • Kids have their own tile each, so you can easily track their points


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Each kid has their own tile, where their points are shown and where their tasks and their personal rewards are saved.

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When you open a kid's tile, you'll see all the controls to effectively track your kid's tasks and rewards.

Adding Your Kids

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Tapping on the top right 'plus' button allows you to add a kid

Adding a kid is simple:

  • Select 'Add a Kid' form the menu
  • Add the kid's name, select the age range and select a color
  • Tap on the 'Add This Kid' button
  • Voilá! You got your kid all set up!

Managing Kids

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Kids are easy to manage!

  • Swiping a kid's tile left you can either edit the kid's tile or delete it

Creating Tasks

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Adding a task is rather simple:

  1. Tap on 'New Task' from the Tasks tab
  2. Start typing the task name. While you type, punti will suggest some common task names
  3. Select the number of points you want to assign to completing the task
  4. Voilá! You got your task all set up!

Creating Rewards

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Adding a reward is rather simple:

  1. Tap on 'New Reward' from the Rewards tab
  2. Start typing the reward name. While you type, punti will suggest some common reward names
  3. Enter the number of points kids will need to redeem the reward
  4. Select the kids you want to assign the reward to
  5. Voilá! You got your reward all set up!

Managing Tasks & Rewards

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Tasks and rewards are also easy to manage!

  • Swiping the task or reward item to the left allows you to edit it or delete it.